Training Safely

A high-intensity “Cross-fit” style of workout program can produce impressive results in a relatively short period of time. However, these same high intensity workouts can also increase your risk of injury as well. Paying attention to what you eat and drink, avoiding certain stimulant drugs, and knowing when you may be taking your workout too far can help you avoid  some very unpleasant complications.

• Stay hydrated. An ample supply of liquid helps clean lactic acid build up from your muscles during intense workouts.

• Be especially cautious when working out after using alcohol or amphetamine based medications. These fluid-sapping diuretics can leave you dehydrated.

• Avoid ephedra-based supplements. The stimulant effect masks fatigue and strain, making you more likely to overdo your workout. Just like amphetamines, ephedra also acts as a diuretic,

• Taking antioxidants, which can be found in tea, vitamins and some dietary supplements, helps your body recover after a workout and reduces ongoing cell breakdown.

• Keep your workout levels consistent, avoiding aggressive adjustments. If you normally do 20 reps at a certain weight, don’t try to do 30.

• Don’t feel pressure to complete your workout in a specified time frame. Even if everyone else is completing the circuit in 18 minutes, go ahead and take 20 or 25 minutes until you are really in shape and ready to push your limits.

• Use extreme caution with exercises that require muscles to contract for long periods of time without a full release. Keeping your entire muscle group tight through the entire range of motion increases your chance of injury.

• Take advantage of a properly educated Personal Trainer. Having somebody who is knows your fitness goals and can provide objective input on your level of personal fitness has been proven to both increase the effectiveness of your workouts and reduce the potential for injury.