Twist it up!

The Russian Twist is a great exercise to target the your abdominal obliques and shoulder muscles. You can push the exercise up a notch by performing it while kneeling on an inflatable exercise ball. This extra “twist” allows you to engage and strengthen your body’s core muscle groups as well as improve balance and coordination.

The exercise can be dangerous of you fall off the ball however, so be certain that you can comfortably maintain your balance on the ball alone or have someone who can spot you.

Begin by kneeling on the exercise ball with a medicine ball in your hands. If you do not have a medicine ball you can use a 5 or 10 pound dumbbell.

Extend your arms fully in front of you, keeping your back upright. With your lower body body still, rotate from left to right and back again on each side.

Focus on maintaining a smooth, steady motion while keeping your head and eyes in line with the medicine ball. Perform 10 to 15 complete repetitions.