About Us

Our philosophy is to help our clients make a transition from one level of fitness to the next level of fitness.  We transition all types of athletes. Those who are just beginning an athletic career, those approaching the end of their athletic career, or those who are in a mid-career plateau and seeking a way to break out to a higher level.

Our programs are not limited just to competitive athletes.  We help all types of clients at different levels of fitness, whether you need to rehabilitate a knee injury, lose weight, or just get toned up.

In addition, we assist individuals who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, metabolic syndrome, transplant recipients, and more. Our holistic approach to wellness, nutrition, and exercise has made a significant difference in our client’s lives and overall fitness abilities.

Next Level Athletics facilities include a full, modern gym with free weights and machines. We have a dedicated spinning classroom with 20 bikes and two separate group training areas. We have a full-time staff of friendly professionally trained and certified personal trainers who are available for one-on-one training and consultation. There are several regularly scheduled classes and the gym is open to clients for self-directed workout sessions as well.

“Our Mission is to enhance our clients fitness experience and overall wellness by educating and prescribing individualized exercise programs to help take their health and wellness to the next level!”

                                                        Joe Henderson Founder owner 

Please come and visit us at 2163 East 3300 South in Salt Lake City, or call for more information 801-906-0598.