Athletic Assessment

Athletic Assessment:

Before we begin training our athletes, we encourage each athlete to perform an athletic assessment.  The assessment allows the trainer to establish a baseline to better understand the need of the athlete.  We offer assessments in several different categories.

General Athletic Assessment: $75 for each assessment:

The general athletic assessment covers basic athletic movements.  The assessment covers vertical jump, flexibility, body composition, height and weight, bench press or push ups, squats or wall sits, 40 yard sprint.

Sports Specific Assessment: $90 for each assessment:

The sports specific assessment covers ten specific movements from the sport that the athlete is participating in. The assessment covers but is not limited to: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Swimming, Track, Volleyball, Cycling, Triathlon, and Ultra Distance Running.

Running  Assessment: $100

Next Level Athletics will carefully analyze your running form and determine the most efficient running adjustments. We video each runner from several different angles to determine how the foot is striking the ground. Once we have an understanding of how the runner is striking the ground we will design corrective plan for anatomical and functional improvement.   With USAT coach and former NFL running-back and high school All-American sprinter Joe Henderson, Next Level will improve your running technique and get you in front of the competition.

Muscle Performance Evaluation(MPE):  

$250 for the initial assessment / $150 for each follow up assessment:

Muscle Performance Evaluation is the cutting edge in muscle evaluation.  Each client will wear a performance suit lined with sensors on the primary muscles.  The sensors measure the muscle performance and displays the result on the trainers screen.  The information obtained identifies problematic muscle imbalances and firing patterns.  Additionally, the information will identify if each required muscle is effectively engaging (firing) when prompted to respond.

Combine Testing: $150 

Combine testing is an important measurement to determine where an athlete ranks among the competition:  More and more athletes are training specifically for the combine to gain the competitive edge.  High schools are using a similar combine to determine their depth chart and to pass the information to colleges scouts.  Our testing offers:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Standing wing span
  • Sit and Reach
  • Broad Jump
  • Vertical Jump
  • 20 yard shuttle
  • L-Drill
  • 40 Yard dash (hand and electronic)
  • Bench Press (135, 155,185) for high school athletes and 225 for College athletes)
which will result in more efficient training sessions!
Our trainers have live muscle performance feedback!
Using Electromyography or (EMG)
Next Level Running Lab!
Identify the target muscles...
Muscle balance at the start of the jump!
See which muscles are balanced...
Locate muscle imbalances....