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There are many approaches to athletic development.  Next Level focuses on building an athlete from the foundation up.  Imagine that you are building a wall, and on the first layer of the wall (the bottom row of bricks) are nice and shinny glass bricks.  The glass bricks may look pretty but they are a disaster waiting to happen.  As the wall builds the glass bricks on the bottom are at risk of cracking and then breaking.  At Next Level we prepare the foundation with caution and a fundamental approach that is safe, effective and proven. Joe has worked with All-Pro Haloti Ngata, NFL linebacker Stewart Bradley, NFL Defensive End Nate Orchard, and many more professional, collegiate and high school athletes. We believe that a strong athletic base is the key to building a strong and high performing athlete.  The programs we offer are:

10 week Power, Agility, Speed and Strength program: $1,500 (2 sessions a week)

Our Power, Agility, Speed, and Strength (PASS) program is a complete athletic concept that will enhance an athlete’s performance in all areas. It is designed to incorporate explosive power, lateral agility, linear speed and functional strength. This 10 week program is especially good for athletes who are in stage one of their pre-season training.

  • The power phase of the program will use minimal weights and will focus on sport explosiveness with maximum effort and controlled recovery.
  • The agility is a series of reaction drills which includes mirroring another athlete as well as outlined courses and responding to the coaches’ commands.
  • In our speed program it focuses on the start and initial explosion focusing on good alignment and bio-mechanics.
  • Performance strength identifies the need to have performance endurance; this phase will test the athlete’s ability to perform at the same level over a controlled period of time.

6 week Zero to 40 program: $1,200 (6 weeks: 2 sessions a week and 2 assessments) 

This revolutionary program has been used by athletes of all levels from little league to the NFL to radically improve performance and shave seconds off sprint times.  The 40 yard dash is one of the most evaluated measurements for football players and is a primary factor in recruitment and being drafted into the NFL.

Zero to Forty is a six week program designed to enhance your sprinting form and technique. Developed by former NFL running back and high school track standout Joe Henderson, the program utilizes cutting-edge physiological conditioning and muscle memory techniques to train your body into perfect sprinting form.  Joe separates  sprinting into five categories:  Starting phase, drive phase, acceleration phase,  max speed phase and visualization phase.  Together this powerful program serves as a catalyst for sprinters and athletes who are striving to be quicker and faster.

Zero to 40 is a well designed progressive speed development program geared for linear speed!  Speed has a huge genetic factor and many athletes aspire to maximize their genetic capabilities. Therefore; it is highly important to teach sharp running mechanics. Each session is a building block for the next session and the complete program is designed to sharply increase running mechanics and allow each athlete to maximize their genetic capabilities!  Zero to 40 speed program athletes will see a noticeable increase in speed, strength and greatly improved running mechanics.

6 week Sports Specific program: $1,200 (2 sessions a week)

Sports Specific training is a very detailed training system. Our trainers gather as much information about the sport, more importantly, the position. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of the position.  We analyze the athletes attributes and  design a program based on each athletes ability. Regardless of the sport, there are basic principles behind all athletic movements. We simply breakdown each component into small technical details and demand that each athlete master the mechanics for each stage of development.

Every exercise has a particular purpose and is directly associated to the over all improvement of the athlete, from catching a colored tennis ball to playing patty cake….It matters.  Repetition and video feedback will enhance the athletes understanding of the movements that is required from them.  Instant feedback through video analysis is a crucial teaching point in learning proper mechanics and visualization training.

6 week Combine Prep program: $1,500 (3 x week for six weeks)

There are a lot of athletes desperately searching for combine improvement.  The numbers compiled during the assessment may be the difference in an athlete going in the first round or the third round.   We offer a dynamic program which inspires our athletes to set their eyes on the prize.  Next Level trainers will break down each drill by focusing the specific movements required to effectively complete the drill.  When the athlete understands the movements we focus on drill efficiency.

10 week Cycle Strength and Power program: $750 (1 session a week)

Today Cyclists are understanding the importance of strength training.  If you are an advanced cyclist riding 10-15 hours week or a just a beginner riding 3-10 hours a week it is important to strengthen the muscles used during you activity.  Joe Henderson has put together an impressive team of trainers.  Our cycle program is coached by a USAT coach, and a notable cyclist and licensed Physical Therapist

Our cycle program primarily focuses on functional and performance strength.  We have created a program that allows the cyclist to benefit from explosive training.  This element of training is required when performing a break a way or a strategic pass on an incline or staying tucked in during a criterium poised just prior to punching out for your final sprint to your victory.

The second area of focus is functional endurance.  Cyclists use muscle memory to get the miles in and to conquer the long endurance rides.  We add functional endurance and muscle memory by training the secondary muscle groups to support the primary muscles used during a long century or a time trial.  This training is also important in injury prevention caused from over use on one particular muscle group.

The final phase is perhaps the most over looked phase.  We focus on core performance and performance stability.  These two aspects of our cycle program are implemented throughout the entire program and are two of the most important elements of the program.  Combine the three phases and we have one of the most effective off-season cycle training programs anywhere!

10 week Triathlon Performance program: $750(1 session a week):

Swim, bike, run, repeat over and over again.  One of the biggest errors a triathlete can make.  This can lead to overtraining and over use injuries quickly.  It is of vital importance to include functional and performance strength and conditioning.  This could prove to be the most important training you do all week.  With attention to strength endurance and sport specific functional strength and endurance exercises, you will see a noticeable improvement in your swim, bike, and running performance. With only a small commitment to 1 more hour a week you will see amazing results.

Triathlon Annual Plan and Coaching:

Now the grand question… How do I put it all together??

Using a 12 week cookie cutter training plan can be dangerous and lead to injury.  Our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist’s can help you map out and periodize your year.  This includes an annual plan using Training Peaks, coaching,  nutrition strategies and more.  Plans are developed for each athlete based on their assessment results.  Packages and pricing are put together for each athlete based on their needs.

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