Athletic Performance

What does sports performance consist of?  Athletes train hard to develop and improve their skill set.  At Next Level we strive to understand each athlete that we develop.  There are several ways that we improve our athletes ability.

After the athlete has developed athletic ability, it is time to perform.  To improve sport performance, we video tape training sessions, review game event or race film,  and review the tape with our athletes to discuss options for an optimal outcome. This process is a part of three steps that we take:

One:  We video tape and review the tape together to inspire the athlete to gain a better understanding of the training concept.  Watching themselves on video is an effective tool for self awareness and allows the athlete to have a broader view of the event.  This view enables the athlete to gain perspective of the big picture.

Second:  We gain understanding of what the athlete is thinking. This process gives us a deeper understanding of the athletes level of understanding of the position/sport.

Third:  We make it our mission to fully understand each sport and the movements of each position.  Once the sport and position knowledge is acquired, the trainer will design a program specifically for the athlete.

In addition to developing a performance program, we initiate motor skill movements and have our athletes repeat the movements in order to establish muscle memory.  Developing a strong program for the athlete.

Joe and Nate Fakahafua


Joe and Haloti



Haloti doing the crawl

Haloti one arm ball catches


Haloti and Arron going through the gauntlet.