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At Next Level Corporate we understand the demands of balancing your career and wellness.  We offer a variety of programs designed for the busy professional that desires to maintain a healthy life style.  The juggling act of family, career and your personal wellness requires careful planning and scheduling.  Together with our nutrition and wellness Next Level Corporate can bring wellness to your work place for group or individual training.  If your working environment does not offer a fitness outlet, we offer corporate group classes as well as individual private and semi-private training sessions.

In addition to our wellness programs, we offer situation management and life coaching.  Joe Henderson the inventor of The Life Card board game and author of The Life Card Coaching System, offers a comprehensive coaching system to assist professionals to maximize their talent.  The Life Card coaching concept will assist you in regaining the competitive edge needed to effectively balance day to day challenges and reach once thought unreachable goals.

Life Coaching System:  $1,250

The Life Card Coaching system is a 15-week system that will lay the foundation of effectively managing situations you encounter on a daily basis.  Whether you are a CEO of a company or CEO of your home, The Life Card situation management system will give you the resources you need to effectively manage the cards that life deals you.

Life Card Coaching Private: $100 

There are times that a client requires more personal coaching and assistance in managing multiple cards or situations simultaneously.  We offer private coaching sessions to guide you through each situation with the resources to successfully resolve the challenges before you.

30 minute phone follow up:  $50

The follow up phone calls are touch and go conversation to help you implement the coaching system in your everyday life.

Corporate Overview: $5,000

 Joe Henderson and his team will review the companies current systems and make recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Corporate Overhaul $15,000 (100 or less employees)

Joe Henderson and his team will review:

  • Mission statement.
  • Reporting system.
  • Appraisals and incentives.
  • Job descriptions.
  • Company culture.
  • Hiring practices.
  • Separation procedures.
  • Promotion procedures.
  • Best practices.
  • Team building.

Corporate Clinics: 2 day  $3,000/ 1 day $2,000  

The Life Card Coaching offers:

  • Motivational speaking
  • Team building
  • One and Two day Situation management seminars:

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