Functional Assessment

Gaining as much information about our clients fitness level is vital in developing an effective program.  At Next Level we offer a detailed assessment that will give us the necessary information to design a training program.

General Population Assessment: $75

Our assessment is broken down into three categories: Circumference Measurements, Body composition, and Performance Tests.  We look at upper and lower body strength, balance and coordination, core strength, body composition and cardiovascular fitness as a blueprint in designing our clients program.

Circumference Measurements give us the information needed to track progress,  as you become more fit, your body changes size. By tracking the changes we can be assured that you are effectively transitioning.

Body Composition tells us how much body fat and muscle mass you have. This is an important baseline in creating a sound nutrition and exercise outline.

Performance Tests are strong indicators of how your body responds to exercise.  We look at your cardiovascular state, flexibility, and functional strength as baseline information in creating an effective training program.  We put all the test results together for review and determine the most effective approach to taking your fitness to the next level!