Functional Development

Personal Training Sessions: $50-100

At Next Level we believe that functional development is just as important as athletic development. Athletes practice movements and techniques in order to perform more effectively.  Next Level trainers are committed to training and teaching our clients functional movements that are required in everyday life.  Whether you are a home manager with young children or a professional  in the work place, it is important to perform movements that will enhance your functionality.

During our assessment we will identify your current fitness level and  generate an effective program that will elevate your fitness to the next level.  Our trainers will carefully design a program that you will be able do in your home, office or at the gym.  Functional development is the foundation needed to enhance your abilities to the next level!

Below are a few of the areas that we focus on:

Core-Your core most often acts as a stabilizer and force transfer center rather than a prime mover.  The core has three-dimensional depth and functional movement in all three planes of motion. Many of the muscles are hidden beneath the exterior musculature people typically train. The deeper muscles include the transverse abdominals, multifidus, diaphragm, pelvic floor, and many other deeper muscles.

  • Balance-As you mature your balance may decline, therefore it is important to continue to activate and train the stabilization muscles. Focusing on this area may prevent our clients from falling and give them a sense of confidence as they move from one place to another.
  • Posture-We have noticed that certain professionals have pronated shoulders, head and or back. Correcting posture is a huge challenge with clients who have waited years to change the way the stand, walk and sit.
  • Nutrition-Depending on the client, activity levels decline as you mature, and sometimes the metabolism slows down tremendously.  Former athletes who maintained a 4,000 calorie diet, a calorie count needed to manage the high work load that sports require, may have a hard time adjusting to a 2,500 calorie diet.  In these cases, we attempt to provide a guideline for a functional nutrition plan.

Group sessions 20 session package: $400

Drop in sessions $25