Functional Nutrition


Carol Cannon-Henderson, B.S., C.S.C.S., CNS, USAT Coach. With a degree in exercise physiology and athletic training, Carol is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist with NASM.  Carol designed the FitNut- Fitness and Nutrition- program to assist you in your goal to decrease body fat, increase muscle density, and most importantly, to help you develop the lifestyle to support these health and wellness goals for a lifetime. As an avid cyclist and triathlete, Carol truly understands the importance of a personalized nutrition plan. Whether your goal is weight loss or sport performance, we can help you with your goals.

FitNut effectively teaches proper nutritional intake, cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and healthy lifestyle. The consistent combination of these 4 components is the key to your success. There are no quick fixes. Your trainer will be your coach in this journey.

Nutrition Services and Pricing:

Nutrition Consultation: $150

During this session we will perform a nutrition assessment, determine Body Comp and take circumference measurements, perform a “BREEZING” metabolic test to determine caloric needs and discuss the makeup of those calories, determine your goals. For a coached weight loss plan please see the packages below. (approximately 60 min)

Breezing..Know your numbers! ..Resting Metabolism.  This is your resting metabolic rate – the number of calories you burn at rest.  A higher number means your metabolism is faster, burning more calories each day. A lower number means your metabolism is slower, burning fewer calories. Your metabolism is 100% unique to you. To lose, gain, or maintain weight, measuring your resting metabolism is the first step.

Follow-up Coaching Appointments: $45

This weekly appointment helps to ensure your success with accountability. Includes: Weigh in, measurements, adjustments to meal plans, goal setting and problem solving.

Meal Plan:- 3 day meal plan $30 each Registered dietician designed meal plans

FitNut Workshops (available for groups)

Supplement Products: We offer a variety of protein supplement powders and bars to aid in your journey. Both for weight loss and weight/muscle mass gain.

Weight Loss Packages:

Packages are based on the amount of body fat you need to lose and include the Nutrition Consultation.

Yellow: 4 week Coaching Program $405

Nutrition consultation (includes the first Breezing test) and four follow up appointments and post Breezing test!

Orange: 8 week Coaching Program $585

Nutrition consultation (includes the first Breezing test) eight follow up appointments and post Breezing test!

Red: 12 week Coaching Program $765

Nutrition consultation (includes the first Breezing test) twelve follow up appointments and post Breezing test!

Maintenance Package: $360

This package includes 1 follow-up biweekly for 2 months and monthly for 4 months (8 appointments). This is highly recommended to ensure that you stabilize at your new weight and ensure that you now understand how to manage your weight.